— Feminy instead Feminism —

— feminine instead feministic —

There is a problem with feminism and a missing connection between feminism and gender.
The problem with the feminism is the suffix -ism.
The missing connection is a completely new way of thinking.
The new way of thinking opens up a new perception.

Feminy is not a Femaly and also not only for female / woman.
Feminy does not differentiate between female / woman and male / man.
Feminism is in cause of the -ism basically anyway false.

The missing connection between feminism and gender is the differentiation between mental (mind) and corporal (body) instead of the differentiation between male (man) and female (woman).
Without this missing connection is feminism and gender always false.
Feminism is not only for females.
Gender is not a social sexual organ (brain).

An -ism is when a idea is consolidated to a ideal.
Ideas are formable — Ideals are fixed.
A differentiation is made between property words and nouns.
All nouns are mental consolidations of property words.
An idea is a mental consolidation of a mental shape.
An ideal is a consolidation of an idea.
All ideas are mental.
All ideals — also mental — are corporal.
A differentiation is made between mental (mind) and corporal (body).
Properties (words) are mental.
Properties (things) are corporal.
Intellectual property is also corporal.

— Body&Mind instead Gender=Sex —

The new way of thinking consists of firstly differentiating between mental (mind) and corporal (body) and secondly not using nouns, but rather property words or adjectives.

The languages don't differentiate basically between male (man) and female (woman).
All words point to mental (mind) or/and corporal (body).
This is about the mental imagination in the use of words.

feminine = mental (mind).
masculine = corporal (body).
neutrum = neither of both.
utrum = one of both.

The reference to mental (mind) or/and corporal (body) cannot be found with semantics.
Semantics are based on meanings and meanings arise from definitions.
Definitions are making by the people who have the might over it.
Moreover, everyone can have their own definition.
The reference to mental (mind) or/and corporal (body) can be found with etymology.
But etymology is only a probability with a plausibility.
The speech area in the brain is inaccessible for the consciousness.
The speech area in the brain is protected for manipulation.
Definitions and meanings are not protected for manipulation.

Why is feminine = mental (mind) and masculine = corporal (body)?
There is the difference between grammatical gender and natural gender.
The word "gender" derives from Latin "genus" (español: género; français: genre).
The natural gender is the sex (español: sexo; français: sexe; deutsch: Sexus) in reference to the sexual organ.
The widespreaded and consolidated thinking is: gender=sex.
The feminy way of thinking instead of this is: body&mind.
In the body&mind-thinking "feminine" derives from ancient-greek "φημί" (phēmi; english: speech; latin: fama).
In the body&mind-thinking "masculine" derives from slavonic "mas" (maso, mięso, meco, мясо; english: flesh; latin: caro).
The ancient-greek "φημί" (phēmi) has a reference to mind.
The slavonic "mas" has a reference to body.
From this body&mind-thinking basis, a new perception of all is possible.

The body&mind-thinking is the missing connection between feminism and gender.
With a body&mind-thinking it is not possible to use a gender=sex-thinking.
The body&mind-thinking does not differentiate between female and male.
All female and male consist of body&mind and also of feminine and masculine.
The body&mind-thinking breaks the mindset of female=feminine and male=masculine.
A feminism only for woman/female can never be a feminy, because it is a femalism.

The perceivableness of feminine and masculine is in relation of associated property words.
The following associations are based on a differentiation.
mental (mind) = graspable (comprehensible) with the thoughts.
corporal (body)= graspable (comprehensible) with the fingers.
nothing = non-graspable (incomprehensible).
All words are in the mental imagination related with mind or body.
By few words is the relation not clearly recognizable.
By few words results the relation in neutrum or utrum.
It should be considered that everything consist of body&mind.
Example for feminine: soft, weak, fragile.
Example for masculine: hard, solid, robust.
The associations are an agreement of the communicators.
None of this is valid for everyone or forever.
The matter is always in motion.

A small approach for a body&mind-thinking instead of a gender=sex-thinking in the grammatical gender is the following hint.
masculine (body) = human instead man (male).
feminine (mind) = person instead woman (female).
The grammar does not differentiate between biological or social gender, but between body and mind.
However, the gender=sex-thinking is so much consolidated that no one wants to admit this.

With the body&mind-thinking there is a plausible explanation for the occurrence of the gender=sex-thinking.
The primary male sexual organ is outside the body and is perceived as body and thus as masculine because it is visible and touchable.
The primary female sexual organ is inside the body and is perceived as mind and thus feminine because it is invisible and comprehensible.
It is a very rough generalization to conclude from the sexual organ to the entire body and mind.

— body&mind = space-time —

Body and mind exist only together.
It should be considered whether the perceived appearance is a composite of multiple body&mind.
If it is a composition of multiple body&mind, then it is separable into its component parts and does not exist as before.
More precisely, body&mind is basically separable, but after the separation this perceived body&mind appearance no longer exists.
If it is not a composition of multiple body&mind, then neither body nor mind exists after the separation.
It should be considered that each body&mind is always only an appearance.
Basically, body&mind is like space-time.
Body = Space. Mind = Time.
Like body and mind, exists space and time only together.
Likewise space-time is basically separable, but after the separation neither space nor time exists.
In the wave-particle duality it becomes apparent that particles are only illusions and waves are only move&vary.
Space = Moving. Time = Variation.
Moving requires an initial acceleration.
The initial acceleration is unknown so far.
If space-time or body&mind is separated, then there is neither move nor vary and therefore nothing.
Body = Space = Moving. Mind = Time = Variation.
It is difficult to understand, but in the universe exists only one space-time / body&mind / move&vary.
All is one and connected together.
All things are only appearances, like illusions.
Properties (characteristics) are created of the composition of multiple body&mind.

Perception is founded in motion and results in interactivity.
Everything perceptible is comparable, whether it seems feminine or masculine.
A result of a comparison of a perception is only valid for the comparison.
Everything is comparable from overall appearances to the smallest detail.
The sum from separate comparisons is not the result of a comparison.
Every result is only initially valid and not just for all or ever.
Consider that everything is a overall appearances of body&mind.
Also a stone is an appearance of body&mind, because the moving atomic particles.
By a comparison of a perception is the effect on oneself are important.
A stone appears solid to most and is thus perceived as a body (masculine).
In the ancient mythology there was Behemoth (earth), Leviathan (water) and Zyz (air).
These were used as a metaphor: earth = body, water = mind, air = mental mind (holy ghost).
The religions used this as: body = father (God as creator), mind = son (God as Jesus), mental mind = holy spirit (mind of God).
The psychology used this as: body = id (stimulus), mind = ego (organizer), mental mind = super-ego (control instance).

The body&mind-thinking consist only of perception.
The body&mind-thinking consist not of allocation.
When something is perceived as feminine, then this »is« not feminine, but »seems« feminine.
By this there is no differentiation between external perception and internal perception.
This also applies to external allocation and internal allocation.
It does not matter if someone »be« feminine.
It does only matter whether someone »act« feminine.
Conscious being and self-conscious being does not matter.
Conscious acting and self-conscious acting does matter.
Being does not matter.
Only acting does matter.

The body&mind-thinking has nothing to do with identity.
The most non-normative peoples are confronted with identity.
The spectrum of identities is constantly being expanded.
It is possible to change the identity every moment.
The trouble of non-normative peoples are not the spectrum.
The trouble of this is the quantity of the normative peoples.
A normative person has a default identity and no one cares.
A non-normative person must have also an identity?
The false way is the way to a quest for identity.
The true way is without identity.
Then only normative people have an identity and no one cares.
With feminy no one becomes a default identity.
The normativity by feminy is without identity.
What you be does not matter.
How you do does matter.
Identity does not matter.
Only behavior does matter.

With feminy it is not about a masculine body or a masculine person that will not be tolerated.
With feminy it is not about generally all masculine acting or all masculine behavior that will not be tolerated.
With feminy it is about against or for a masculine acting and a masculine behavior that will not be tolerated.
With feminy it is about not be tolerated that someone or anything puts anyone above or push anyone under another.

— Feminy & Anarchy —

Feminy goes away from a world of things to a world of doings.
The world of things is masculine and a world of arch.
The world of doings is feminine and a world of anarch.
In a world of arch always one will be prefer to another.
Arch is similar to "ideal" and like a idol.
From arch are derived monarch, patriarch, matriarch and so one.
Arch is founded in the archaic word ἄρ (ar; epic) / ῥα (ra; enclitic).
This "ar" / "ra" points to "up" (upward) / "for" (forward) and "first" in the sense of start / begin.
From "ar" / "ra" derived is "for" (forth) and words with this like forward and formerly.
Similar to "ar" / "ra" is "er" / "re" in the same sense.
From "er" / "re" derived is erection, eruption, reaction, reflex, reverse, return, rectum.
Words like "reverse" points to the same sense as "ar" / "ra" in a contrary (cont-ra) way.
Another form of "ar" / "ra" is also "or" like origin and "ro" like row and root.
Another form of "ar" / "ra" is also "ur" like urge and "ru" like run.
Another form of "ar" / "ra" is also "ir" like irregular and "ri" like rise.
Another form of "er" / "re" is "ex" and this as out/off or formerly.
The word "archaic" points to: older is first. See also "archiv".
The name of the ancient-egyptian god of the sun "Ra" points to "First".
From this "ar" / "ra" are also words derived with "pra" / "pre" / "pri" / "pro" / "pru" and so one.
Feminy is not a preference of feminine instead masculine.
Feminy is without any preference.
The ancient-greek prefix "an" (english: without) in "anarchy" points to "without archy".

The translation of "φημί" (phēmi; latin: fama) to english "speech" (speak) is difficult.
The english "speech" comes from "spray" / "sputter" and is derived from "ar" / "ra" and thus masculine in the sense of "forth".
Also the word "person" in the differentiation human/person instead of man/woman is difficult, since it is derived likewise from "ar" / "ra" and is masculine.
The cause of the masculine world is to be found in language, however, it is not the language itself that is the cause, but its usage.
Feminy is not a forbiddance of masculine words, but the non-use for a masculine intention.

The "ar"-mindset is because the "up" / "for" and "first" a linear thinking.
The "an-ar"-mindset is a non-linear thinking.
From "ar" / "ra" over "pre" / "pro" is "pride" derived.
From "φημί" (phēmi; speech; latin: fama) is "fame" derived.

— fame instead pride —

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